This is Basement Bars

We aim to change the meaning of a record label, from just a brand or name on your music, to a team that believes in your music and is dedicated to supporting your message. 


Basement Bars is the name that collectively describes Basement Bars Entertainment (media/entertainment company), Basement Bars Records (record label, management group) and Basement Bars Music Group (artists that represent our brand through their brand and their music). Our founder, Jacob Hoffman, noticed how hard it was to make it as an artist. Even if you did, labels would not treat you the way that they should. Basement Bars is here to change that.


The Basement Bars team wants to make music while managing artists that we truly believe in. While doing whatever we can to improve an artist's career, Basement Bars will be using social media as a platform to speak about unbiased opinions on the music industry. Also, we'll be covering news and important topics about the music industry, its culture, and its artists.

Mission Statement: Basement Bars strives to help artists who started from nothing, and work with them until they are more than something; while covering un-biased and factual news about music and its culture.  


Vision Statement: As we grow our empire, Basement Bars will become the leading brand and label within the music industry that treats artists how they should be treated, changing the way the industry works while sharing content in music, television, movies, gaming and all of its culture with everyone throughout the world.

The Team

  • Jacob Hoffman

    Chief Operations Officer

    "I am extremely passionate about helping any artist that we see talent in. We will provide them with any service they need to succeed in their career. I hope to not only join the music industry, but to change it with BB Entertainment and Basement Bars Records, LLC."

  • Colin Fuller

    Chief Marketing Officer

    "I will be trusting my business instincts in making decisions in the financial aspects of Basement Bars as CMO and helping out in any areas needed. 

  • Nicholas Rivera

    Director of A&R

    "I want to thrive greatly as a team finding musical talent to spread around the world and inspire others."

  • Audrey Strunewitz

    Director of Creative Design

    "I see Basement Bars reaching a much wider audience in the future, and associating with more up and coming artists, as well as coordinating events with bigger named artists as we coordinate more and more shows."

  • Connor (IconRas) 


    A&R Scouting Department

    "I look forward to building connections in every aspect of the music industry. Basement Bars has the potential to take over the entertainment world, so I'm going to work hand in hand with the artists to make sure their videos and visuals get us there."

  • Josh Smith

    A&R; Scouting

    "I believe in Basement Bars because we all have a love for what we do and we have fun doing it. It's not work for us, it's our lives. We'll do anything to grow our artists and we will definitely have a blast doing it."

  • Ashley Komperda

    Director of Social Media

    "I am passionate about creating a positive environment for myself, my coworkers and our clients. I strive to bring my PR knowledge to the table to help this company grow and succeed. Basement Bars is going places and I can't wait to be there for the ride."

  • Darius Green

    Chief Financial Officer, Economic Analyist

    "Basement Bars is a team working to achieve greatness in the music industry. I believe we will become an industry leader and I'm excited to be apart of that future."

  • Donovan Reid

    A&R; Scouting, Off-Campus Relations

    "I'm a lover for Hip Hop. I'm excited to see where the company goes in these next few very influential years. I'm blessed to be apart of it."

  • Patrick Akaniroj

    Director of Event Coordination

    "I hope to grow BBR, become leaders of the music industry and bring out the very best talent around the world."

  • Marisa Gaita

    Executive Assistant/Analyst

    "I see Basement Bars reaching out to artists who may not know how or where to start their career. We help bring them to where they want to be, attracting as much recognition as we can get for both the artist and our label. We make sure all of our artist’s talent is recognized. Everyone on the team works hard to help our artists and company grow."

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